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A Dog Barking at the Moon

  • UWEC Davies Student Center - Woodland Theater

Director: Xiang Zi | Feature | 2019 | China, Spain | Mandarin and English with English Subtitles | 107 min.

Xiaoyu is settled, content, and pregnant with her first child when she brings her American husband home to China to meet her parents. While it seems as though this will reveal itself into being a basic family drama, Xiaoyu’s mother, Jiumei, is deeply dissatisfied with her relationship, and has turned to a Chinese religious cult. Her father is distinctly detached, her parents clearly have an unhealthy relationship, and it seems as though everyone knows the family secret—yet they live in denial. In most scenes, one could hear a pin drop; the truth of their family’s past weighs heavy on their hearts and in the air. What ties them all together? Could it possibly be love?

The past haunts all three as each strives but struggles to maintain their image in society in the present. Everyone is unhappy, yet, the audience finds themselves captivated, needing more. A Dog Barking at the Moon quietly unfolds into an unusual family drama. It is one that tugs at heartstrings, yet begs the important question: is it worth hiding who you are from your family?

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