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No Box for Me. An Intersex Story & Ponyboi

  • UWEC Davies Student Center - Woodland Theater

Director: Floriane Devigne | 2018 | France, Switzerland | French with English Subtitles | 58 min.

This beautifully shot piece, with even more beautiful testimonies, reveals the error in a binary understanding of gender, and the error in how it is pushed onto our society’s youth, explained through the lens of two intersex folks’ stories, and the journey of acceptance that the two of them are searching for.

The film delves into the fight that people who have hastily been told that their genitalia needed to be ‘fixed’ since birth face: not only the emotion behind people who are intersex, but the science behind why this is incorrect. These individuals share the trauma and identity-crisis that Western medicine brought upon them through invasive treatments and surgeries in order to ‘fit them into the gender binary.’

This witty and down-to-earth film, No Box for Me is not the typical documentary: it is about love, education, friendships, and the journey to self-acceptance.

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Ponyboi — Director: River Gallo & Sadé Clacken Joseph | 2019 | USA | 19 min.

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